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What is covered under warranty with a Cordell International Door?

Thank you for purchasing a Cordell International door. We take pride in building the best door on the market and offering the best customer service. Let’s start off by explaining what is not covered under warranty.

  1. Mobile home locks/ Hardware is not used.

Reason: The door is designed for a drive-in latch bolt. When a mortised or residential lock is used it either does not allow the door to close or cutting in the steel rail will result in the door leaking and not working properly.

  1. Door is not installed properly.

Reason: When installing the door, it must be square to work. On combination doors the packing clip must remain on until the door is fully installed. The door will not be square, and the storm door will sag or run into the storm door frame. When a door is not installed correct, the door will not work properly. Installation instructions are available on our website at Finding a reliable contactor is up to the homeowner.

  1. Putty Tape is not used behind the door.

Reason: Caulking or silicone do not work as well as putty does. It can be used to supplement putty tape if needed or desired.

  1. Any modifications done to the door at all.

Reason: The door has gone through severe testing and has been engineered to withstand and last many years under normal to harsh conditions. No additions or subtractions are needed and will not be covered.

  1. Door is Painted

Reason: Most paint is oil based and will trap moister in the door resulting in it failing over time. The skin is a PVC film that breathes. Painting can seal this areas where it breathes.

  1. Screws are installed in areas that are not pre-drilled and designed for screws to go.

Reason: Any extra screws can bend hardware or throw the door out of square resulting in it leaking or failing

  1. Storm doors blowing open

Reason: Storm doors that blow open and will have a bow in it. Unfortunately, some of the time they will not close back and work correctly. Best defense against to this is to install the check chain and keep the door closed when it is not being used.


If all these points above are not met and there is a problem, we will fix it. Homeowner must have a valid receipt of purchase with a date on it. Your door is fully covered for 1 year for parts. Labor is not included in this.